An Italian Classic

A traditional Jewish waltz

A Pretty Macedonian Waltz

"T.C. Costello’s cheeky Irish folk-punk is filled with energy and shout-along

choruses reminiscent of the Dropkick Murphys but with a more refined vibe. "

Sam Spence, Charleston City Paper 

In addition to the rowdy bar gigs, T.C. Costello also does quieter background music for restaurants.  Most of his songs are of European origins, but also does American an Asian tunes.

French Chanson:
  La Vie en Rose

  Non, Je ne Regrette Rien
Polka Favorites:
  Beer Barrel Polka

  Pennsylvania Polka

  The Happy Wanderer

Italian Classics:

  Funiculi Funicula

  Tarantella napoletana

  Bella Ciao
Eastern European Songs:


Celtic tunes

  Whiskey in the Jar

  Loch Lomond

  Blue Bell Polka