December 2010 - National Khaen Festival

                                        Vientiane, Laos

August 2013 - Kinokabarett Film Festival

                                        Hamburg, DE

August 2013 - Liverpool Fringe Festival

                                         Liverpool, UK

September 2014 - Italian Festival

                                        Columbia, SC

October 2014 - Punktoberfest

                                        Bloomington, IN

November  2014 - Gaslight Fantasia Steampunk Convention

                                        Greenville, SC

February 2015 - Coumbia Ya-Ya Mardis Gras Festival

                                         Columbia, SC

September 2016 - Gyeongridan Alley Festival
                                         Seoul, SK
October 2015 - Haebangchon Festival

                                         Seoul, SK

January 2016 - Galaxy Days

                                         Seoul, SK

September 2016 - Art of Tease  Festival (the first burlesque festival in Korea)

                                         Seoul, SK

June 2017 - 3D Street Art Festival

                                         Veliko Trnovo, BG

July 2017 - Kelburn Garden Party

                                         Largs, UK

July 2017 - Barefoot Festival

                                         Loughborough, UK

August 2017 - Edinburgh Fringe Festival

                                         Edinburgh, UK

September 2017 - Swamp Rabbit Squeezebox Festival

                                         Greenville, SC

October 2017 - Laketoberfest

                                         Lake Norman, NC

March 2018 - Park Circle St. Patrick's Day Fest

                                         North Charleston, SC

March 2018 - NoPhest

                                         Atlanta, GA

September 2011 - January 2012 - Huller's German Restaurant

                                        Columbia, SC

February- August 2013 -  Harat's Irish Pub

                                        Moscow, RU

September 2015 - Belgrade Serbian Grill

                                         Seoul, KR



For nearly a decade, T.C. Costello has been bringing accordion-powered, alcohol-friendly cabaret punk to the dive bars, squats and festivals of Europe, Asia and the U.S.

Listeners can expect to hear old-world melodies, foot-stomping rhythms and tales of people on their worst behavior throughout Costello's sets of both original and traditional songs.

2017 has been his biggest year yet, starting a world tour at a Korean tatoo parlor and ending at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  And September 2017 saw him organize The Swamp Rabbit Squeezebox Festival in Greenville, SC.






"T.C. Costello’s cheeky Irish folk-punk is filled with energy and shout-along

choruses reminiscent of the Dropkick Murphys but with a more refined vibe. "

Sam Spence, Charleston City Paper