Copyright © T.C. Costello

"Costello’s gasping, swooping accordion lines, the blurry banjo, hoarsely shouted gang vocals and a truly demented tin whistle all sound like they were captured in the bowels of some long-forgotten pirate ship." 

Vincent Harris - Free Times, Columbia, SC 






For nearly a decade, T.C. Costello has been bringing accordion-powered, alcohol-friendly cabaret punk to the dive bars, squats and festivals of Europe, Asia and the U.S.

Listeners can expect to hear old-world melodies, foot-stomping rhythms and tales of people on their worst behavior throughout Costello's sets of both original and traditional songs.

2018 saw Costello join Britain's Gypsy Punk Collective The Brandy Thieves for their summer festival circuit, and bring Greenville South Carolina's "Swamp Rabbit Squeezebox Festival" into its second year of existence.  

Armed with a new Celtic Punk Album, and an expanding collection of exotic instruments, TC Costello is poised for an epic 2019.

December 2010 - National Khaen Festival

                                        Vientiane, Laos

August 2013 - Kinokabarett Film Festival

                                        Hamburg, DE

August 2013 - Liverpool Fringe Festival

                                         Liverpool, UK

September 2014 - Italian Festival

                                        Columbia, SC

November  2014 - Gaslight Fantasia Steampunk Convention

                                        Greenville, SC

February 2015 - Coumbia Ya-Ya Mardis Gras Festival

                                         Columbia, SC

September 2016 - Gyeongridan Alley Festival
                                         Seoul, SK
October 2015 - Haebangchon Festival

                                         Seoul, SK

January 2016 - Galaxy Days

                                         Seoul, SK

September 2016 - Art of Tease  Festival (the first burlesque festival in Korea)

                                         Seoul, SK

June 2017 - 3D Street Art Festival

                                         Veliko Trnovo, BG

July 2017 - Kelburn Garden Party

                                         Largs, UK

July 2017 - Barefoot Festival

                                         Loughborough, UK

August 2017 - Edinburgh Fringe Festival

                                         Edinburgh, UK

September 2017 - Swamp Rabbit Squeezebox Festival

                                         Greenville, SC

October 2017 - Laketoberfest

                                         Lake Norman, NC

March 2018 - Park Circle St. Patrick's Day Fest

                                         North Charleston, SC

June 2018 - Bearded Theory Spring Gathering

                                         Catton Hall, UK

September 2018 - Enchanted Chalice Renaissance Faire

                                         Greenville, SC

March 2019 - Park CircleSt. Patrick's Day Fest

                                         North Charleston, SC

September 2011 - January 2012 - Huller's German Restaurant

                                        Columbia, SC

February- August 2013 -  Harat's Irish Pub

                                        Moscow, RU